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A world of uses

If you create, modify, manage, or market real places, 3D Dimensiva can enhance the way you do business.

for Commercial Real Estate

Fill units faster by qualifying prospective tenants before they walk through the door.

3D Showcase

Bring listings to life with immersive experiences that are more than virtual tours.


A 3D Showcase is an online experience that lets homebuyers move through a property and see it from any angle. Our unique Dollhouse view gives a completely unique sense for the place.

Construction, Architecture & Civil Engineering

Streamline workflows, engage stakeholders, and document every step of your project.


Our rapid scanning is accurate enough to generate point clouds or polygons for as-builts, and complete, informative construction documentation.

*Under normal operating conditions. De-calibration, abnormal temperatures and other factors may result in reduced accuracy.

for Insurance Adjusting

Adjusters can now capture detailed loss data in visually rich, immersive 3D. Team members can walk damaged properties as if they were there, taking measurements and capturing images.

for Insurance Adjusting

Adjusters can now capture detailed loss data in visually rich, immersive 3D. Team members can walk damaged properties as if they were there, taking measurements and capturing images.

for Nightclubs and Bars

As a Nightclub, you’re always looking for new and innovative ways to stay in front of your audience to not only bring in new business, but keep people coming back. Advertisements, radio spots, and print media can get expensive. When most of your day is consumed with hiring new staff, entertainment, dealing with local promoters, permits, licenses and re­orders for food and liquor ­ it can get difficult to make time for marketing efforts.  

3D Dimensiva can help you seamlessly market your club and eliminate the hassle of recurring marketing expenses ­ as well as provide you with a superior competitive advantage ­ with cutting edge walkthrough style Nightclub Virtual Tours.

for News & Entertainment

Enhance stories and drive eyeballs by immersing your audience completely.

The next great storytelling tool

Enhance your stories and campaigns by offering audiences a revolutionary way to experience any real-world place, right from their browser or virtual reality headset.

Produce with ease

Create immersive 3D content with next-to-no training. You’ll be scanning in minutes.

Publish within hours

With quick cloud processing and no post-production, your 3D content is ready to publish in hours.

Engage like never before

Make your stories as engaging as video games. With 3D Spaces, your audience can drive the experience.

for Travel, Hospitality & Event Planning

Give visitors a real feel for their experience before they even arrive. When catering to a remote audience, Matterport experiences make your accommodations stand out.

Faster bookings. Happier guests.

Offer guests an immersive 3D walkthrough of your properties, amenities, and event spaces.

Create a connection with your guests even before they arrive.

3D / VR are complete virtual experiences that give online visitors an accurate sense of your accommodations and amenities.


You’ll speed booking decisions by offering an immersive 3D experience that is so real, your guests will feel like they’re already on vacation.

for Cultural Spaces

Draw visitors to new exhibits or show off stunning architecture. Spaces are a meaningful, emotionally engaging way to experience venues online.

for Retail & Restaurants

Show off your establishment and provide a preview of what customers can expect.

for Yachts and Boats

In the current Yacht market, it takes a lot more than simply hanging a “For Sale” sign from the lifelines or posting an ad on the classifieds to sell a pre-owned yacht or boat. Before a potential buyer sees your luxury yacht or boat, they have no emotional connection to it. Without a strong internet presentation of your luxury yacht or detailed description, history, and quality yacht photography, it can easily turn away interested yacht buyer. Or worse, not give them the opportunity to see your yacht at all!

3D Dimensiva can assist you in selling your yacht or boat by providing yacht viewers with an immersive experience of your luxury yacht with our Luxury Yacht Virtual Tour Services.

for Auto Dealership

All auto dealerships strive to deliver great customer experiences, but what exactly does it take for a dealership to succeed?

Shoppers today are well-informed, Internet savvy and have high expectations about the cars they want to buy and where they choose to do business.

3D Dimensiva´s Auto Dealership Virtual Tours and 360 Tours are strong ways to rev-up the sales numbers for your car dealership, broaden your reach to the world, and exhibit your luxury showroom floor – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Don’t see your industry? Reach out!

3D Spaces can be a powerful tool for any business that involves creating, managing, or analyzing real-world places.

We’d love to hear from you!


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Providing 3D Showcase and drone mapping for digital agriculture
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