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VR - virtual reality

Take your immersive media experiences into the stratosphere with the VR Showcase app for Samsung Gear VR. You’ll feel like you’re defying gravity. 3D Dimensiva presented on VR headsets offer full-body immersion.


The easiest way to get the real world into virtual reality.

Add to library of 250,000 Spaces

CoreVR turns your existing 3D Model into immersive virtual reality experiences - automatically!


Start leveraging the only quick, simple way to generate immersive, shareable VR content



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There are more millennial and remote buyers than ever, and they have less and less time to home shop. Virtual reality puts realistic home tours into their hands, augmenting any agent’s personal touch by enabling home-seekers to quickly tour dozens of properties without criss-crossing town, from an on-hand GearVR or Cardboard.

Virtual reality is already shortening the property buying cycle and delighting online buyers everywhere.

Why are

3D Spaces different in VR?

3D Spaces are the most immersive way to experience real-world places, whether you’re on a traditional browser or using a VR headset. But with VR, 3D models are that much more immersive and engaging, because viewers get a total sense of presence - the cognitive sense of physically being in a place.

And now, the largest library of real world places in VR is powered by Matterport, available to anyone now. You can be one of the first to create immersive 3D content for Gear VR and Google Cardboard with concact


Boost bookings for your exotic bungalows and engage young renters in a new way by embedding virtual reality in your booking experience. Now more than ever, travelers want to know what they’re getting and feel certain that their limited time off will be spent well.

Virtual reality is the best way to promote trust in your booking experience, and complete your end-to-end service offering.


With your Cloud account, you get access to versatile tools that let you showcase your creativity, guide your audience, and enhance your Spaces.


Collect measurements

Dimensions are accurate to within 99%.


Label rooms

Call out bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and bonus rooms.


Provide context with descriptions

About Panel lets you include a text description, address, and contact details right in your 3D Showcase.


Curate guided tours

Give your virtual visitors a lean-back experience and highlight key features.


Build pre-visit buzz

Use CoreVR to promote temporary exhibits and give travelers a taste of experiences before they embark.

By offering more comprehensive online information, destinations can attract more business and boost confidence by setting accurate expectations.

Providing 3D Showcase and drone mapping for digital agriculture
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